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Wednesday, 30 September 2020  
12. Safar 1442

In the name of Allah the all Beneficent the all Merciful

Salamun Alaykum,

I have pleasure in presenting the annual report of my sub committee for the year to 31st December 2018.

The current composition of the Welfare Sub Committee is :

Chairman                        -     Mulla Saheb Gulamabbas Kassam

Secretary                         -     Kalbe Hussein Bandali

Committee Members   -    Gulamraza Datoo
                                      Shaukat Bhai Dahya
                                      Mushtaq Bhai Ismail
                                      Hussain Fazal
                                      Muslim Khaku
                                      Mohamed  G  Kassamali                  

The year witnessed the required number of Committee meetings held.

Core activities included:

  • Visitations to the sick and the elderly in hospitals and at home
  • Facilitating guidance and advice on health and social security matters
  • Signposting enquiries received relating to housing and employment
  • Actively addressing mental health issues prevalent in the community
  • Assistance to the elderly with transportation to the mosque and household chores
  • Availing legal advice via professionals on general and immigration matters.

During the early part of the year (March 2018) the committee under the auspices of the resident aaleem Sheikh Mohamed Nuru held a special meeting with the BAYN group to explore avenues of bringing awareness and educating the community in identifying and addressing mental health issues. To this end the Health and Wellbeing committee has now established a task force which comprises of doctors, professionals and the youths of our community (both boys and girls) who will drive this initiative forward. The Welfare sub committee has a couple of members who liaise with the task force and whenever called upon will assist them in their work.

During the year 2019 the Welfare sub Committee has plans to embark on establishing close ties and working relationship with the Ladies Welfare Group which will eliminate any duplication of services provided and perhaps this co-operation will also result in enhancing the efficiency of our core objectives.

I am grateful to Allah SWT for giving me and my dedicated team of hard workers to be of service to our community.

With Salaams and Duas,

Mulla Gulamabbas Kassam
Welfare Sub Committee

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