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Thursday, 16 August 2018  
3. Dhul Hijja 1439

Masoomin Sports Club (MSC) is proud to announce that we will be starting football coaching sessions for boys
Reception - Year 7 from January 2017. These sessions will take place at Moseley School and Fitness centre between 10:00am and 12:00pm. The children will be split into small groups of 10, according to their age. If you are interested in registering your child, please complete this registration form https://goo.gl/forms/8f2uw5rKXNmcVWk13.

Please also see the poster and more information below:


The groups will consist of a maximum of 10 kids and will be setup as follows:
Tier 1 - Reception / Year 1 (10am-11am)*
Tier 2 - Year 2 / Year 3 (10am-11am)*
Tier 3 - Year 4 / Year 5 (11am-12pm)*
Tier 4 - Year 6 /Year 7 (11am-12pm)*
*Please note the timings may change depending on how many kids we have in each tier, but the core hours will be between 10am and 1pm.
Once we have received 10 entries per Tier, all remaining entries will be added to a waiting list. If your child has been accepted, we will send you more information which will include the exact timings and payment details. The cost which is heavily subsidised is expected to be £3 per session and you will be required to pay in advance for 10 weeks at a time.
Why are we making this change?
Our current sessions are a bit unorganised and we need to bring some structure to make them more productive.
Why are we changing the location?
In April this year, we organised 3 sessions on a Saturday at Moseley School and at the time, a lot of parents indicated that they would prefer it over Heartlands.
When will the new structure be in place?
The first session will be on 7th January 2017
How much will it cost? 
The cost will be £3 per session which will be needed to be paid in advance every 10 weeks. We cannot guarantee your child's place if the payment hasn't been made before the start of the first session.
Will one hour be enough?
Our research shows that the majority of clubs hold a 1 hour to 1.5 hour sessions. We will be constantly reviewing the format and making any changes necessary to ensure that it is fit for purpose and meets the needs of the club.
Will there still be football for kids at Heartlands on Fridays?
No. From January 2017, the only kids sessions will be at Moseley on Saturdays,
If my child isn’t registered, can he still attend?
The simple answer is no. A lot of time and effort goes into organising sessions and it is therefore absolutely necessary for us to know how many kids will attend so we can plan the sessions accordingly. In addition to this, the club is making a huge financial commitment and we therefore need you to also make that commitment.
My child attends badminton on Saturdays 
I understand that some children currently play badminton on Saturday and with the football moving to Saturday too, there may be a clash. That’s why Masoomin Sports Club (MSC) are also introducing a Badminton academy which will be run on the same principles outlined above and all children who play football with us will be eligible to join the badminton academy.. More information will be made available soon. 
We take part in at least 2 tournaments a year. From next year, only kids who are part of the football academy will be able to represent MSC.