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Tuesday, 15 October 2019  
15. Safar 1441

Ramadhan Lecture topics by Dr. Ali Al-Hilli:

21st May: Method 1: Conscious fasting  

22nd May: Method 2: Comprehend your purpose

23rd May: Method 3: Unlocking the heart through Holy Quran

24th May: Method 4: Sahifa Sajjadiya

25th May: Method 5: Mindfulness in Prayers

May27th night:  Method 7: Patience during trials

28th May: Method 8: Know yourself part 1

29th May: Method 8: Know yourself part 2

30th May: Method 9: Gratitude part 1

31st May: Method 9: Gratitude part 2

1st June: Method 10: Love 

2nd June: Method 11: Conscious parenting part 1

3rd June: Method 11: Conscious parenting part 2

4th June: Method 12: Community involvement

Quran Khani 2019/1440 for children has organised a competition on the theme for this year ‘colors in the Quran’ 

We urge all parents to encourage their children to participate in the competition as well as get involved in helping them so that the entire family can also benefit from learning about the ‘Colors in the Quran’.

This competition is targeted to bring out the creativity in children, and be more of a fun activity that would involve the entire family.

Please click here to register your child/children for the competition.

To donate for the AIC Project click here:
To donate for Ramadhan Relief 2019 click here:
For food donations both savouries and sweet including desserts, please contact Husna bai Khimji & Effat bai Rajbhai. 


During the month of Shahr Ramadan, WF-AID aims to tackle starvation within some of the most heavily-deprived parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

For just £50/$65 USD, you can make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people – including widows, orphans and the elderly – by providing them with nutritious Food Packs, which could last a family an entire month. Your donations will also go towards sustainable food options to help combat food insecurity beyond the Holy month and give people the training and tools they need to become self-sufficient.

Please support their Ramadan Relief Appeal – a single meal could be the difference between life and death. You can donate towards this appeal by visiting www.wfaid.org or at the treasurer’s desk.



"The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity." Prophet Muhammad (saw)

The CTC are launching the £15 in 15 Days initiative with the aim of encouraging children to collect money for Ramadhan Relief. Children aged 3 to 17 years are to collect £1 (or more) a day for the last 15 Days of this Holy Month.

All money raised is to be handed in to the CTC during the last weekend of workshops and inshallah will go towards helping the many people in need.

We pray that as many children as possible will get involved and help us to raise money for this amazing cause!!

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