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Friday, 22 November 2019  
24. Rabi-ul-Awwal 1441

Salaam Alaikum, Peace be Upon You

Muharram is upon approaching once again and with it the opportunity to put the values and ideals which Imam Hussain (A.S) stood for into practice. We're asking Muslim communities nationwide to unite for a cause at the heart of the community: saving lives. Donating blood is the cheapest form of charity. Yet each unit of blood can save up to three adult lives or seven infant lives. The Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign 2016 has now expanded to include even more cities and once again we need your help to make it a success. Will you join us?

We believe everyone has the potential to do something amazing and help those in need. If you'd like to donate this month, please visit our website https://www.ius.org.uk/giveblood/sign-up/ to book an appointment. Make sure you check our Who Can Donate page to check you meet all the criteria for donating.

Stay tuned for more information or follow the campaign throughout the year on social media too.


Kind regards,
Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign Team

Interactive and fun filled Islamic sessions for children under 5

Join us for our upcoming sessions for free at 10.30 am at Mehfil e Abbas

Thursday 29 September – Eid e Mubahila

Thursday 6 October – Muharram

We hope you have all had a great summer break. We would just like to inform you all that Mini Momin's will inshallah resume again after Muharram/Safar. We will send out an email nearer to the time with more information and exact dates.

Mini Momin's Admin

Program for Chalismu (40th) of Marhuma Rubab Abbasali Khoja on Saturday 20th August 2016 at Mehfil-e-Abbas, 17 Clifton Road, Birmingham B12 8SX

6.00pm   Qur'an Khani 
6.20pm   Surah Yaseen
6.30pm   Marshiya
6.40pm   Lecture
7.15pm    Thank you speech
7.20pm   Ziyarat
7.30pm   Nyaz
8.30pm   Magribayn Salat


Salaams and Du'as

Dr. M. Khoja

Where do you see us in 10 years? The World Federation connects 134 communities representing 150,000 people globally and we need you. We're looking to the future and want to hear from you.

The world federation is planning for the future and we need your help. from the start of the month of Ramadan until the end of August, we will be distributing a survey to better understand the needs and requirements of individual communities and The World Federation body at large. The survey should only take 15 minutes, and all responses are completely anonymous. The survey can be found here.

Please share this with your friends and family and help those who need further assistance fill out the questions. We want to hear from everyone!

We want to reach as many members of the community over the next 3 months and we need your help. Have your say today and help us build a picture of our global body.

For any questions, please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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