17 Clifton Road, Birmingham, B12 8SX
Ansaphone: 0121 440 0643
Sunday, 15 September 2019  
15. Muharram ul Haram 1441

KSIMC Birmingham have taken the opportunity to help support the wider community In Birmingham by collaborating with The Who is Hussain Birmingham Team which has established itself over the last three years.

Now with the right support, encouragement and resources we are fairly confident (InshAllah) that by working together we can make a significant difference to the quality of life for the local people in the Balsall Heath Area.

A study conducted by the, 'End Child Poverty Coalition', (collaboration of charities, faith groups and trade unions), found that in certain parts of the United Kingdom nearly half of the children population are living in conditions of poverty.

Birmingham, has been named as one of the cities in the UK where child poverty is at its worst where there are households 'living in poverty' and their income is deemed to be less than 60% of the national average.

A study of parliamentary constituencies showed that Birmingham Ladywood, was one of those with the highest levels of child poverty. From our own observations Balsall Heath and the surrounding areas may not be too far behind in this unfortunate statistic.

Birmingham already has the second highest number of people living in poverty (Manchester being the highest in UK).

The Central Mosque services around 100 people a week. The Sparkhill Food Bank used to provide approximately 200 food parcels per week but this has recently closed down.

Food Banks, that are currently operational, rely heavily on donations from the caring and generous public. Supermarkets also contribute significantly to the food supply chain ultimately to reach those in need.

We feel confident that you will agree with us and that with your support and cooperation we can make a difference by supporting the local communities with the creation of a Food Bank in the Balsall Heath.

The team from WiH Birmingham will constitute of Shabir Jivraj Nawshad Suleman and Afzal Shabbir. They will run and manage the Food Bank supported by KSIMCB Outreach Team. This will be known as the Clifton Road Food Bank. We intend to run the Food Bank on Wednesday from 10am – 12 noon weekly.

WiH also have a pool of over 100 enthusiastic volunteers who help and support its regularly initiatives. These include two Food Drives in the City weekly.

We would now like to encourage enthusiastic members and attendees of the KSIMCB, to participate in the activities of the Food Bank.

Monetary donations and food supply can be made directly to the KSIMCB Administration Office. We may be able to arrange for drop-offs directly to the Food Bank with prior arrangement. A list of staples required for stocking the Food Bank will be will be put on the Jamaat Notice Board and website.

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