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How successful are you?

Rather, the question is, are you successful by your standards too? What do you define as "success"? Owning your own home? $100,00,000 in the bank? Funding an orphanage? Having all the free time you want? Creating houses for underprivileged people? Private jet or yacht? A portfolio of properties and investments?

The first challenge is: what is success for you? How will you know when you've achieved it? Most people have a vision of success that is false, and false for one crucial reason: it isn't their version of success. Thus, they may have the properties and yachts and money, but are still battling depression…because they aren't successful by their own standards.

When we do goal-setting, one thing I often hear is "I'd like to have … but I'm not / I don't want to sound greedy". There is a massive difference between being ambitious and being greedy. The former is noble, inspiring and motivating. If someone wants to be the President or team captain or "Entrepreneur of the Year", that's ambitious. If someone wants to have $100,000,000 to spend, that's ambitious. If someone wants to be able to buy a yacht or plane or build a school, that's ambitious. If someone wants $100 more because they don't want anyone else to get it, that's greedy. And that's not admirable.

If your goals are to achieve what you regard as being successful, it doesn't matter what others think. And once you know where you want to be, then we can begin planning how to get there. Once the roadmap is available is when the journey truly begins. In a week, a small group of dedicated and ambitious entrepreneurs will come together for the "Setting the Vision" session of ActionCLUB. If you're thinking about joining, now is a good time. If you want any more details, please look below.

To your continued success,

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