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Friday, 22 March 2019  
14. Rajab 1440

In accordance with per clause 18.3 of the Constitution, I have received results from all constituent member Jamaats and I therefore, declare Dr Akber Mohamedali as the duly elected CoEJ President for the term 2018 to 2021

18.3 The Electoral Commissioner shall within a period of seven (7) days after the closing date for the submission of nominations, send to Member Jamaats notification of all nominations received by him and ask all Member Jamaats to arrange the process of voting within their Jamaats on a common date stipulated by him which shall not be less than three (3) weeks from the date of notification by him. Each Member Jamaat shall submit to the Electoral Commissioner within seven (7) days the results of the voting process and the name of the candidate that has attained the highest number of votes. If a Member Jamaat fails to send the results to the Electoral Commissioner by the seven (7) day deadline, then those votes shall not be counted. Thereafter, the Electoral Commissioner shall declare the results within ten (10) days.

Salaams and Duas

Azad Poptani
Electoral Commissioner
The Council of European Jamaats


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