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3. Sha'aban 1441


On Thursday 5th April 2012, Shaheed Fazal (incoming Building Committee Chairman) held a meeting with Mohammed Bharwani (outgoing Building Committee Chairman) in relation to sharing regarding any information that would be relevant to continuing the work of the Building Committee. 

Mohammed Bharwani was naturally very cooperative and helpful. He mentioned a some items that are important to share with the community.


  1. The bid for the Sampson Road site was rejected. The reasons for the bid being rejected are explained here.
  2. The Community is currently in contract with Bill Houle of Trigram Properties who has been assisting in identifying and acquiring suitable pieces of land. Mohammed uncle suggested that I arrange a meeting with Bill in order to get an update on where the site search is at.
  3. The Community is also in contract with Bob Ghosh of K4 Architects who has been engaged to carry out the masterplanning of the new centre. It is important to bear in mind that there are a number of other architects that have approached the community as was discussed at the AGM and Mohammed uncle has provided me with their contact details. He also suggested that I arrange a meeting with Bob as well.
  4. The Community is no longer in contract with Saleem Asaria of Cambian Group, as the expiry date has lapsed.
  5. Mohammed uncle stressed the importance and urgency of refinancing the care home given the motions that were passed at the AGM. He informed me that the Jamaat has already approached two smaller banks in relation to a loan, but both of these banks of rejected our proposals because of their very-tight lending criteria policies with regard the care home sector in light of the Southern Cross closure.
  6. Before the AGM, the Jamaat applied to renew planning permission for building 18 flats on the Mr Clutch site.
It is clear to say that without Mohammed uncle and his committee’s hard work over the years, the Community would not have the springboard that it does in order to progress. We pray to Allah that He rewards them infinitely for the work that they have done for His sake and that He helps the Community to remain united. Ameen.

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