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Saturday, 04 April 2020  
9. Sha'aban 1441

Following on from the update that we gave last month, we have been in discussions with the Council regarding the planning application for the new centre. Overall, the planning officer who is dealing with our case has stated that the plans are “acceptable in principle”. However, the Council have asked us to resubmit the planning application for the following reasons:

  1. The drawings have changed significantly since we submitted them and so by law they have to go out to consultation in the local area once again.
  2. The application had been submitted more than 13 weeks ago.

Based on the advice of the planning consultant and the architect, the Committee has decided to agree to the Council’s request to withdraw the application and resubmit.

I would like to reassure the Community that we confident that planning permission will be obtained InshAllah. We felt that it was better to continue with the approach of working with the Council rather than digging our heels in and resisting their request.

Once the application is resubmitted, the Council have verbally informed us that they will aim to make a decision within 8-9 weeks rather than the standard 13 weeks. In addition, the Council have confirmed that the resubmission will not cost the Community any extra money. A brief summary of the changes is as follows:

  • The original plans that were submitted showed Mr Clutch as an overflow hall for majlis. As mentioned at the AGM, the updated plans show Mr Clutch as multipurpose hall that can be used for sports as well as majlis. We are also planning on having a space for a sports café where people will be able to watch football, cricket etc. on big screens InshAllah.
Figure 1: Proposed front elevation of multipurpose sports facility and sports cafe
Figure 2: Internal layout of sports hall will allow for 1 volleyball court or 2 badminton court or 5-aside football.
  • The Prospect Place site (the industrial units to the left of the centre as you drive in) has now been included in planning application in order to help us to buy it from the Council.
  • The Council wanted to see plans for the Cave site included as part of the current planning application as they were part of the original pre-application submission. Normally, adding such plans into the application would have cost the Community but they have allowed us to include the plans for free.
Figure 3: Proposed building on Cave site (later phase).

Thanks for taking the time to read the update. Please remember the project in your prayers during this blessed Month.

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