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Tuesday, 17 July 2018  
3. Dhul Qadah 1439

BAYN will host it's 2nd professionals event aimed at those in the finance and economic sector or those interested in it. The event will have 3 key speakers who will address topics within the fields which are of interest currently. There will be a £1 entry cost. Please support BAYN by attending the event.

When: Sunday 6th March.
Time: 7 pm.
Venue: Mehfil e Abbas
Cost: £1

Please see the poster for more information.


On Sunday 7th February 2016, Birmingham Abbasi Youth Network (BAYN) held an extended Sunday evening event titled ‘Marriage the A-Z’. The event focused on four groups of people; those looking for a spouse, those engaged to be married, individuals already married and looking to start a family and those who have been married before or are single parents. Before the event begun we had 64 individuals signed up on EventBrite to attend and seven facilitators confirmed from the Match-Making and Me2We committee. However, Alhamdulilah on the day we had an estimate of 100 people involved; our highest attendance to date.

After a short introduction to the event, it’s ground rules, the speakers and facilitators; Sister Rozmin Khimji delivered a ten minute address which focused on marriage as a blessing, citing specific prophetic narrations and Qur'anic verses to illustrate how many blessings are attained by an individual who has taken the steps to get married and cares for their spouse and family.

The Birmingham Abbasi Youth Network are proud to present "GOD?" - a theological workshop hosted by Syed Zafar Abbas on Sunday 28th Feb 2016. The workshop will start off with a theological insight, with the ability to then utilise this in the format of a debate. The event is open to all but will mainly focus on 16-32 year olds.

Join the Birmingham Abbasi Youth Network this Sunday 24th January from 7pm for their 1st interactive social event for ages 16 and over!

An ideal opportunity to have fun with peers, enjoy taking part in a quiz and even get some pizza! The cost to enter a team of 1-5 people is £5 or £1 for single entry. On the day, admission will be £2 for a single entry or £10 to submit a team.

Please contact Br. Minhaal Abdulhussein or Sister Fatema Khimji to sign up a team. A cash prize will be awarded to the winning team.

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