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Thursday, 27 June 2019  
23. Shawwal 1440

Moon Forecast - 01 Jamadi al-Aakhir 1440AH

The Astronomical New Moon is on Monday 04 February 2019 at 9:04pm. The calculations for crescent visibility on Tuesday 05 February 2019 is as follows:

Sunset 4:59pm
Moonset 5:35 pm
Crescent age 19 hours 55 minutes
Moon lag time 36 minutes
Crescent altitude 4:35 degrees
Crescent elongation 9:17 degrees

The crescent is not visible on this day.

1st Jamadi al-Aakhir 1440AH will thus be on Thursday 07 February 2019

Secretariat (01/02/2019)


Jamaat Programme 1440AH



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