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Thursday, 12 December 2019  
14. Rab-ul-Akhir 1441

Salaam Everyone!

I hope your month of Ramadhan is going really well, and that you're gaining from it in every way possible! Insha'Allah.

It's the Ramadhan Break for the students and staff, but behind the scenes there's plenty going on.  Lot's of activities for children at the mosque, and plenty of spiritual growth happening amongst the team too - Alhumdulillah.

LOADS of preparations are well under way for Term 3.  Some exciting things are being planned for both students and parents, and lot's developments on key areas notably safety and training. 

I'm looking forward to implementing new procedures and policies to make our Madrasah an even safer place to be.

Watch this space for more updates!!!

Remember me in your du'aas  ; )


Salaam Alaykum Everyone!

a quick note this time, I hope your month of Ramadhan went well and your Eid was spent remembering all our fellow Muslims, many of whom, around the world have had a tragic and difficult Ramadhan and Eid.




Salaam Alaykum

Alhumdulillah, as part of my journey in Muhammadi Madrasah's Management Team I have now been appointed as the Principal Muhammadi Madrasah for both the Saturday and Sunday streams.  I feel honoured that the Education Board have entrusted me with this responsibility and with the help of The Almighty (swt) I feel confident that I will be able to do justice to the position.  I anticipate the journey to be a long-term one filled with success and also with the expected challenges that any such role would bring.

My experiences at Muhammadi Madrasah have given me a good vision of where the Madrasah needs to be right now and where it should aim to be in the future.  I joined in 2014 and since then have held various positions notably Upper Primary Coordinator and Head of Primary.  Using this experience, my skills and working together with the Management Team I aim to continue the upward path taking the Madrasah to even further heights.  The key to achieving these goals includes understanding the Madrasah's needs and more importantly how and where it fits in within the needs of the community.  I intend to keep parents and students updated regularly about our progress and welcome feedback and comments from everyone to contribute in building a strong future for us all.

My priorities will remain in providing our children with the best Islamic Education that we can offer, and striving continuously to provide support for parents as their children progress through Madrasah.  Internally our staff will be given new opportunities to enhance their skills and thus be able to provide our students with a wholesome and unique learning experience that will benefit them in Madrasah and beyond.  I look forward to the exciting new developments to come and also to having you all by my side as we chart the next phase for Muhammadi Madrasah – together – Insha’Allah.

I look forward to your support during my term as Principal, and hope to meet with you all at some point in the future.  I am available by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and also for personal appointments if you feel the need.

With Du’aas

Principal – Muhammadi Madrasah


Salaam Alaykum Everyone!!

Mahe Ramadhan is right around the corner - I hope your preps are going according to plan.

Even though we will be closed during this blessed month - Muhammadi Madrasah will still be fulfilling it's duties to the children of our community by offering Mahe Ramadhan Workshops.  Keep an eye on the new menu above called "Mahe Ramadhan", there will be updates about the Workshops and also some useful resources for our parents/guardians to use for their own spiritual aids and for their children Insha'Allah.

Term 2 is almost over, but don't forget after Ramadhan there will be 2 more weeks of Madrasah before the Summer Holidays!

Watch this space for more updates - Insha'Allah

With Du'aas


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