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Tuesday, 17 September 2019  
17. Muharram ul Haram 1441

 Du'a for the Month of Safar

It is highly recommended to recite this du'a 10 times daily in the month of Safar. Click on the image to view.

20th day (Day of Arba'in):

According to some scholars , on the twentieth of Safar, the harem of Imam al-Husayn (`a) arrived in al-Madinah returning from Syria. On this day too, Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari, the first to visit the tomb of Imam al-Husayn (`a), arrived there.

It is recommended to perform ziyarat (visitation)  of Imam Husayn (`a) on this day.
Concerning this, Imam al-Hasan al-Askari(`a) is reported to have said:
“The signs of a true believer are five: 
(1) offering a fifty-one units of daily obligatory and supererogatory (nafila) prayers, 
(2) visiting the tomb of Imam al-Husayn on the twentieth of Safar (i.e. Ziyarat al-Arbain), 
(3) putting a ring in the right hand, 
(4) covering one’s forehead with dust (i.e. prostrating oneself to Almighty Allah earnestly), and 
(5) To pronounce “Bismillahir-Rah’maanir-Rah’eem” in clear and loud voice while praying the salats. 

Imam Ja'far bin Muhammad Al Sadiq (as) had advised to recite this Ziyarat on the day of Arbae’en. Reported By Shaikh Toosi.

28th of Safar:
Day on which the Prophet (s.a.w) passed away  and according to some also the passing away of Imam Al- Hasan (a.s)

Last Day of Safar:
The Day on which Imam Ali ibn Musa Al-Ridha(a.s) was martyred by means of poisoned grapes by the Abbasid caliph of the time.

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