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Tuesday, 17 July 2018  
3. Dhul Qadah 1439

The annual subscription for the year 2016 is now due and as per KSIMC constitution, all Members shall be required to pay the amount of subscription due on 01 January of each year. A Member who fails to pay the subscription by 31 March will receive a written overdue notification from the Secretary General. Failing to pay the subscription within thirty (30) days from the date of the notification shall automatically terminate the membership. The full membership fee for 2016 is £150 per annum. A Spouse of an existing Member will be eligible for membership at a reduced rate of 50%. (£75 per annum).

A full-time student under the age of twenty-four (24) years will be eligible for membership at a reduced rate of 50%. (£75 per annum), A senior citizen over the age of sixty-five (65) years will be eligible for membership at reduced rate of 50%. (£75 per annum) and A Friend Member will have to pay Annual Subscription of £112.50 per annum.

As you may be aware the Jamaat- through the excellent work of the burial committee- now has access to a Digital Autopsy facility for all deaths that require an autopsy by the coroner. This means that in most cases an invasive autopsy is avoided thereby complying with our Sharia requirements. The EC has decided to incorporate the Digital Autopsy as an additional benefit for the members of the burial fund as of 1st January 2016. The cost of such a digital imaging is £550 per person. This will mean that the annual subscription for burial will need to be increased by £5, from £40 to £45 per member. This increase will become due from 1st January 2016. Those members paying by standing order are requested to amend the amount by instructing their own bank.

With duas,

Mahmood S Bhogadia
Head of Finance

Upcoming Programs

Fajr Jamaat Salaat this weekend, 9th & 10th will be held at 7.15am followed by Nyaz.

The Jamaat’s next scheduled program will take place on Thursday 14th January, being the Jumeraat program commencing at 8pm with Surah Yaseen followed by Dua Kumayl, Majlis & ending with Ziyarat Waritha.

Chalisma Majlis

The Chalismu Majlis for Marhuma Fatmabai Pyarali Master will be held ‪on Sunday 10th January 2016‬ at Masjid Al-Husayn, Leicester. The program will begin with Zohrain Salaat ‪at 12.16pm‬ & ending with Nyaz. The family humbly request your attendance to remember Marhuma.‬‬

Labbaik Ya Husayn Initiative

The Labayk Ya Hussain group is looking for committed reciters to come forward and offer their skills in teaching poetry to our community children. Kindly contact Brother Tawfiq Jivraj in the gents and Sukaina bai Tejani-Hemraj in the ladies for more information.

Secretariat Announcements
Milad an-Nabi Party

The Jamaat have organised an incredible day of celebration starting at 2.00 pm on Sunday 10th January 2016, marking Milad-un-Nabi specifically catering for young families. An address by Sheikh Ali Reza Bhojani, Islamic themed party games, a magician, a fantastic surprise, party food, a grand presents opening and a fireworks extravaganza. This event is specifically targeted towards mums and dads and children aged 0 to 14. Of course, elder siblings and grandparents welcome too! Please note, parents are invited to bring a wrapped and named gift for each of their own children to the event in the £5 to £10 price bracket for the grand presents opening. The event itself is free. Important note: Each child must have a parent, grandparent or guardian with them at all times during the event. To be able to attend, you must register via the link on the Jamaat website before Saturday 2nd January 2016. For further details, please see the posters or contact Tawfik Jivraj or Sarah Ramji. Donations towards the cost of the event are welcome, please quote 'Family event' at the treasurer's desk.

Ethics and Spirituality Course

The Tabligh committee are pleased to announce part three of the course on Ethics and Spirituality with Sheikh Bahmanpour. The course is based on Sheikh Fayd Kashani’s book and is open to both ladies and gents. Classes start from Monday 11th January at 7pm and will run for 12 weeks. The registration fee is £20. The course is highly recommended and all are urged to join even if they have not attended the previous courses. To register, please submit your name to the Jamaat office by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Flats to Let

The Jamaat has two residential properties available for rent as of the 1st February 2016. Both of the flat has 2 bedrooms. They are located on Moseley Road and Clifton Road. The rental charges are £545 and £625 per calendar month. For details and to apply, please contact the Jamaat Office.

'The Forgotten Child' event

For the 3rd year the English azadari event entitled, 'The Forgotten Child' is being organised. The event is held in remembrance of the tragedies of Bibi Fatema (a.s) and her unborn son Mohsin (a.s) and this year it will be held here at KSIMC of Birmingham on Saturday 30th January 2016 commencing at 7pm. There are a number of well known reciters scheduled to deliver their pieces but we will also hear from a few young upcoming poets as well. Speakers include; Imran Datoo, Nouri Sardar, Taher Adel, Sayed Ali AlHakeem and Sayed Haidar Nasrullah. The event will be hosted by Sadiq Damani. We encourage both ladies and gents to attend but especially the youth. Refreshments will be served.

Announcements and Sponsoring Majlis

Mu’mineen are kindly requested to note the following protocol for having announcements made. All announcements, including Marhumeen names for sponsoring a majlis, should be emailed to the email address, which is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., at least 24 hours in advance. Please do not send emails to any other personal email addresses or send announcements via text message. Those without access to email can contact the Jamaat Office during office hours who will take down your request.

Sub-committee Announcements
Business Networking Event

The Executive Committee in conjunction with the Economic Upliftment Committee & Merit Legal Solicitors have organized a seminar plus Business Networking Event on Saturday 23rd January at our Centre commencing at 7pm. The points to be discussed include:

  1. How do I get out of debt?
  2. Pension auto enrolment duties of employers & rights of employees.
  3. Short presentation by the organisers. The event is open to both ladies and gents. Full buffet dinner will be served.

In order to attned, you will have to register prior to the event. To register please contact the Jamaat office. Please contact ShaukatBhai Dahya for more information.

Muhammadi Madrasah

- Post of Madrasah Principal:

The position of the principal of Muhammadi Madressah is reopened for recruitment. Interested persons should apply submitting a letter of application with a copy of their CV to the secretary of Education Board, Sister Ismat Ramji, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 31st January 2016. Please contact Br. Shamim Zaidi or Br. Shaukat Najafi for further information.

- Teachers and Staff required

As we start the new Muhammadi Madrasah 2016 academic year we are looking for dedicated teachers and management staff to join the team. Without your support and commitment, we would never be able to improve the Madrasah and develop our youngsters

Masoomin Sports Club
  • Football for all ages will be at the Heartlands Academy will take place tomorrow, Friday 08th January from 8pm to 10pm.
  • Volleyball at Joseph Chamberlain will be also take place tomorrow, Friday 08th January from 7pm to 10pm.

Please note that Masoomin Sports Club Membership fees are now due for the Year 2016. All members are kindly request to pay.

The Annual General Meeting for Masoomin Sports Club for the year 2016 will be held on Saturday 27th February 2016 at 7:30pm here the Gents hall. All members are kindly request to attend.

Education Board

The Education Board in collaboration with the Executive committee would like to form a task force for carrying out a feasibility study in order to prepare a case for a Free Primary School. Please contact Br. Shamim Zaidi on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information if you are interested in joining this task force to help in this process.

Burial Committee - Kafan Purchase

Following the ‘Rites of Return’ burial demonstration, there has been enquiries regarding the purchase of ready cut Kafaan. The burial Committee is additionally selling the 5 piece kafans for £45 per person with all proceeds going to the burial fund. All those interested in purchasing and keeping their own kafan are requested to order and make payment via the treasury and collect from Razabhai Moti or Shamimbhai Mehrali one week after payment has been made. Please note that Kafan is free to all Mumineen.

World Federation & Council of European Jamaats Announcements
Zainabiyya Alliance for Refugees

Major institutions within the European community of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) including COEJ and the World Federation have agreed to work together under one banner and form the Zainabiyya Alliance for Refugees. This name reflects on the crisis that started in Damascus. There is an urgent need to send volunteers to the gates of Europe, starting with the island of Lesvos in Greece. A group of volunteers will be going to Lesvos on 4th December. Volunteers are required to do a number of tasks on the ground including translation, providing medical assistance, organising food, dispatching refugees on buses, cleaning the camp, distributing blankets, clothes and more. There is no shortage of work to be done, as the numbers in Lesvos alone range from 3,000-5,000 arrivals per day. Please visit www.zainabiyya.org for further details. Mumineen are also requested to donate generously to this cause.

Islamic Laws

The first volume of a new translation of Islamic Laws of Ayatullah Sayyid Ali al-Sistani has recently been published by the World Federation. This edition contains new rulings as well as changes to some old rulings. Copies are available from the Treasurer's desk at a subsidised cost of £5 per copy.


In pursuing our objectives we seek a full-time Minister of Religion (i.e. Alim) fluent in English, Arabic and Farsi to lead the community in the religious rites; rituals; prayers; education and counselling of the community. The post will attract a gross salary of £24, 000.00 per annum on the premise of a 40-hour working week. The role will also attract housing and utilities. Click here for more details. 

Closing date for all applications is 10th August 2016.

KSIMC Birmingham

According to the Shariah, Zakatul Fitra becomes incumbent when the new moon of Shawwal is sighted. This is known as Zakat of Fitra, which is Wajib on every Baligh person.


fitrahAs per law 2003 of Ayatullah Seestani's 'Islamic laws': At the time of sunset on eve of Eid al-Fitr, whoever is adult and sane and is not unconscious, nor poor, or a slave, mus give, on his own behalf and on behalf of those who are dependent on him, one sa'a (about three kilos) per head of staple food in his home town such as wheat or barley or dates or raisins or rice of millet or something similar. It is also sufficient if he pays the price of one of these items instead.

Therefore, based on staple food. We would recommend that one person's Zakatul Fitra may be:

  For UK may be For Europe it may be equivalent to For Scandinavia it may be equivalent to For Swiss it may be equivalent to
Wheat £3.00 EUR 3.50 SEK 36.00 CHF 4.50
Rice £5.00 EUR 6.00 SEK 59.50 CHF 7.00

Since Zakatul Fitra becomes Wajib when the new moon of Shawwal is sighted, Shariah does permit advance payment to the Mustahiqqeen. However if there is no problem if one gives the sum as a loan to a deserving person or family earlier then you will make niyyat for the sum being Fitra, upon the sighting of the new moon. (Ruling 2034)

For those Jamaats who collect Zakatul Fitra, The Council of European Jamaat has the following recommendation to make:

  1. If you come to know of a deserving person or family in your city or country of residence, you will please consider it as a priority case.
  2. Accordingly to Ayatullah Seestani, the Mustahiq must be a Mumin and Shia Ithna Asheri.
  3. Fitra of a non-Sayyid cannot be given to a Sayyid, but a Sayyid may give his own Fitra to a Sayyid.
  4. For UK Jamaats: If Member of your Jamaat can be persuaded to make A Gift Aid Declaration, with your Jamaat (if it is a Registered Charity) the benefit of tax rebate can be used.

The Council of European Jamaat will gladly collect Fitra and deposit the whole amount, without any deduction to The World Federation of KSMIC for Distribution. 

The World Federation distributes Fitra amongst the needy in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, East Africa and Iran. In fact, an advance payment towards this has already been made by The World Federation so as to alleviate the needs of Mu'mineen during the Holy Month of Ramadhan and to allow them to provide for their families on the occasion of EID AL-FITR.



We also take this opportunity to remind the Mu'mineen that the CoEJ is also collecting Fidya for those who are unable to fast due to illness or old age.

The amount of Fidya is £1.50 for each fast. If you have any queries, contact us on 0208 696 5200 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  For UK may be For Europe it may be equivalent to For Scandinavia it may be equivalent to For Swiss it may be equivalent to
Fidya £1.50 EUR 2.00 SEK 18.00 CHF 2.00

You can also pay your Fitra and Fidya online:

FITRA: Click Here

FIDYA: Click Here


Following the Executive Committee meeting held on 17th January, it was decided to reduce the Burial Fund payment to £30.00 per person(over 18) for the current year 2012.

Children under 18 will automatically be included in the scheme if either or both of the parents are members but, will then have to apply to become members of the jamaat as well as the Burial scheme once they reach the age of 18.

You can now also pay online by clicking here and selecting Burial Scheme under Subscriptions.

The deadline for paying into the fund has also been extended to the end of February this year.

For those who have already paid into the fund, the Treasury team will be getting in touch with you after making the necessary adjustments to your dues.


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General Feedback

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Please email us with any ideas / suggestions / feedback you may have regarding programmes, future direction etc of the Jamaat.

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