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Thursday, 25 April 2019  
19. Sha'aban 1440

اَعْظَمَ اللهُ اُجُورَنَا بِمُصَابِنَا بِالْحُسَينِ عَلَيهِ السلَام

May Allah (SWT) make our reward and your reward great, for our grief for Imam Husayn (as).

Our condolences to the Imam of our time, Imam al-Mahdi (aj), and to all of the lovers of the Ahulubayt worldwide, on these nights of the month of Muharram.

Upcoming Programs

Fajr Jamaat Salaat this weekend, 23rd & 24th will be held at 7.15am followed by Nyaz.

Muharram CDs for the Tejani brothers, Brother Imran Datoo and the Islamic Calendars for this year are now available to purchase. Please contact Sukaina Aunty Khoja in the ladies and the treasurer’s desk in the gents to purchase a copy. All proceeds will go towards the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre Fund.

Letters for parents who are wishing to obtain a day off from school for their children for Ashura have been made available on the Jamaat website and have also been circulated on WhatsApp today.

The Milton Keynes Muharram Juloos this year will take place on Sunday 7th of October commencing at 12.56pm with Salatul Zohr at the Zainabiya Islamic Centre followed by the Juloos starting from Milton Keynes Central railway station at 2pm to the Church of Christ the where there will have an interfaith program. All are requested to attend.

The program tomorrow will commence at 7pm with Surah Yaseen followed by Dua Kumayl, Maghribain Salaat at 7.37pm, Marshiyya, Announcements, Majlis, Matam & ending with Ziyarat.

For all those in the English halls: Please note that Dr. Mahmood Datoo’s lectures will not be live streamed or recorded. Please kindly refrain from making any private recordings of the lectures.

Announcement regarding car parking during Ashra' Muharram

The Jamaat has arranged car park facilities for Ashra' Muharram at the St. Paul’s School. Those who wish to leave early, or soon after the program, are requested to park their cars at this site as they are unlikely to get blocked. Security arrangements have been made. Can I remind mumineen to please collect their cars within 30 minutes after the program end.

During Ashra-e-Muharram, the main car park will be reserved for disabled drivers and those in need. Special passes will be given. Please make sure these are displayed in your cars clearly. The spaces will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. For those who need these passes please see Brother Hussain Hirji in the security office. Please contact volunteers if assistance is needed once the car park is full. To avoid unnecessary congestion, kindly avoid driving around the ladies drop-off area unless extremely necessary. The main gates will remain closed for approximately 20 minutes after the program due to health and safety reasons.

Secretariat Announcements
Virtual Reality Kerbala

The Birmingham Abbasi Youth Network present “Virtual Reality Kerbala”. Come experience and re-live the tragedy of Karbala through virtual reality. Stand next to Hazrat Abbas (as) and walk with Imam Husain (as).Tickets are being sold outside the gents and ladies entrances. All proceeds will go towards the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre Fund. Please note that there are limited spaces available.

Matam and Shabih

Anyone who would like to hold the Shabihs during Ashra-e-Muharram is requested to give their names to Alimehdi Moti. All allocations will be made on a strictly first come first served basis.

Anyone who would like to recite Saf Matam during Ashra e Muharram should give their names to Tawfiq Jivraj.

Muharram / Safar Fund

Mu’mineen are requested to donate generously into the Muharram/Safar Fund. The Muharram/Safar Fund is a general fund that will be used for all the various costs that are incurred during these two months. These include the cost of the Marquee, Alims, Ashura Nyaz, Chehlum Nyaz, Tabarruk and Sabil. Those who wish to donate towards a specific cause should mention this when making the donation.

Mu’mineen are also requested to donate generously into the Nyaz Fund. This fund will be used to cover the cost of the various other Nyaz that will be organised during these two months.



Jamaat Programme 1440AH


Twitter Updates

To Receive Twitter update via SMS please text follow ksimcb to 86444


General Feedback

The EC would like to encourage all members to give feedback on various aspects of the Jamaat.

Please email us with any ideas / suggestions / feedback you may have regarding programmes, future direction etc of the Jamaat.

Any comments are welcome.