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Absence Policy

Effective - 15th Septemer 2019

Low levels of attendance impact negatively on how well a child achieves and how well they will achieve in the future.  Parents of children are advised of the Rights of Children (from Risalatul Huquq) “…You are responsible for what has been entrusted to you, such as educating him in good conduct (husn al-adab), pointing him in the direction of his Lord, and helping him to obey Him…” whereby this reminds us that the Islamic Education of our children is not only important but it is the right of the child that a parent must fulfil.

At Muhammadi Madrasah we understand that absences sometimes cannot be avoided, and we positively aim to support parents in how to get their children to Madrasah on time and on a regular basis.  To ensure that all our students are given equal opportunities to learn, and also that the parents of all our students take the same responsibility in giving the children their rights to an Islamic Education Muhammadi Madrasah has revised its Absence Policy.  We have done this to promote the value of Madrasah, and to provide teachers with the consistency they need to provide a good standard of teaching within their classrooms.  Absences do not only affect the absentee but also have an impact on the class as a whole.

Madrasah is open for 32-34 weeks of the year, and children are expected to attend all sessions.  Absences are defined as a child missing a whole day of Madrasah (i.e 10am to 130pm).  In one term a child is expected to attend for at least 95% of sessions to achieve an “Excellent” attendance score.  

Absences are categorised as either Authorised or Unauthorised. Both equally affect attendance figures and can lead to action being taken. Authorised means that Madrasah has accepted that the absence was genuine and meets the set criteria for absence. It is for the Principal or the Head of Admin to decide if an absence is authorised irrespective of information provided by parents. 

Unauthorised absences mean that no reason has been provided verbally or put in writing or Madrasah has not accepted the reason given. These absences are monitored carefully.  When children are absent from Madrasah, parents should inform the office on the day of absence. This can be done via telephone from 10am to 130pm on a Sunday to the Madrasah Office or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Children may be asked why they have missed Madrasah on their return. If a telephone call or email was not provided on the day of absence then parents are required to send in absence notes when their child returns to Madrasah, to be delivered to the Madrasah Office, not via homework diaries.  Letters via homework diaries will not be accepted as a valid absence note.

It is for the Madrasah to decide if the absence is to be authorised. All unexplained absences will be marked as unauthorised.  Any absence, regardless of its type, will count towards the termly attendance percentage. 


Unauthorised Absences

When a student has reached 2 unauthorised absences, Madrasah will, after the second absence contact the parents by telephone to enquire why the attendance has fallen so low, and where necessary inform the parents that the student will now be issued with a formal warning.


Persistent Absences

It is important to highlight that Madrasah will endeavour to assist parents who require help regarding persistent absences.  A persistent absence is where the absence number reaches 7 across the academic year (authorised or unauthorised) or if there are 3 consecutive unauthorised absences, Madrasah will in this case contact the parent to discuss the matter, and most likely inform them that the student will be removed from the register.  In the case of removal from the register, there will be no refund or part refund of any fees paid to Madrasah.  The decision of the Principal and the Head of Admin will be final, and there will no appeals process possible at this stage.

If the parent would like to re-enrol their child into Madrasah a fresh application would have to be made, and the usual acceptance criteria would apply to that application.  No guarantee can be made that a new application will be approved.


Some Common Reasons For Absence


We recognise that some students will suffer from illness during their time at Madrasah that will prevent them from attending.  Absences due to illness will be assessed on a case by case basis.  A request for a doctors note will not be unreasonable. In these cases we advise parents that if the child has been vomiting then the recommendation is for them to remain at home to minimise the health risks to other children.  


Holidays (including religious pilgrimage or religious trips)

Any absence from Madrasah has a wider impact than only on the absentee, and for this reason, any trips including those for religious pilgrimage (i.e ziyareh or umrah etc) will not be approved as authorised absence.


Religious Event Attendance  (including funerals, 40th day observance “chalisma”, family majlis etc)

Absences for attending religious events will be marked as unauthorised except in the case of a funeral which will then be assessed on a case by case basis.


Family Events (including birthdays, travelling to visit family, guests/visitors etc)

Absences for reasons such as family birthdays, students travelling to visit their family or even students being occupied with visitors will be categorised as unauthorised absence.


Muhammadi Madrasah prioritises the attendance of its students to all sessions to ensure that the students benefit from the classes and also so that the commitments made by parents to bring the students is upheld.  We would like to remind to parents that we are mindful that each case is unique and that there will be some families or students who require individual support regarding some matters that may affect attendance.  We can provide dedicated and confidential support to work on attendance issues and welcome parents to come forward should they require this support.  Parents are also requested to respect the decisions made by Madrasah and be mindful that the decisions made are purely professional and with the intention to provide maximum benefit to all involved including staff and other students.


What is the Madrasah SMS Service?

The Muhammadi Madrasah SMS Service was launched on the 28th of January 2017.  The MM SMS Service gives us the opportunity to convey important messages quickly, directly and easily to parents/guardians.  All messages will begin "MM:..." and will always come from the same number.  When the service was launched 70 parents/guardians had registered in advance, if you have registered then please spread the word to other parents who may not have registered yet.

How do I sign up?

To sign up to the SMS service you must be registered on our E-mail Mailing List first.  If you receive Madrasah emails, please use the links at the bottom of every email to "Update Your Preferences".  Using this link you can update your name and your mobile number - once you have done this you will automatically be added to the SMS Service.

If you don't yet receive Madrasah emails, please pop in to the Madrasah Office where you can complete a Communications Slip.  You will then be added to our system within 1 week.

Once you begin to receive your MM SMS or E-mail we ask that you save our number and e-mail address to your address book.  This will ensure that you always receive our e-mails.

How much will it cost me to sign up?

The SMS service is free!! As long as you can receive SMS messages without any charge then you'll never be charged for receiving our messages or subscribing to the service.

How do I unsubscribe?

Madrasah Communications are super important!  We want to ensure that all parents/guardians are up-to-date with Madrasah messages and goings-on!  However if you feel you no longer wish to receive our e-mails/sms for whatever reason, then you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of every Madrasah E-mail.

Why can't I subscribe online?

Alhumdulillah, Muhammadi Madrasah has over 300 students, this equates to a lot of parents/guardians, which in turn means lot's of e-mail addresses and contact information.  To ensure that our system is up-to-date with the contact information of current students only, we ask that you sign up via the Madrasah Office.  When your child graduates/leaves Madrasah you will either be reminded to unsubscribe or you may automatically be unsubscribed.

Can I call or SMS the MM Number?

At the present time, the MM SMS number is limited to out-going SMS only.  Calls or messages to this number will not be received.  If this changes we will always let you know.

Useful Information For All Students

The first day of Madrasah is a big day for all our students.  Many will have moved classes so are meeting some new or old friends, getting to know new teachers, finding their new classroom and getting to grips with being a year older.  Our teachers spend most of the first day introducing themselves and getting the students to be comfortable and ready for the year ahead.

The students can also do their bit to helping their new year get off to a good start.  Being prepared is always going to make them feel at ease.  Here is some useful information for students beginning the new year.


What to bring?

We provide all students with their textbooks, Qur'an and other printed resources including a Student Planner.  Students should take good care of these resources by putting their name and class name clearly on all their items.  There will be a replacement charge for any books that are misplaced.

Students should bring with them:

  • A bag big enough for the books, lunch and pencil case.
  • The Madrasah books
  • Lunch from home in a labelled lunch bag/box - (P4 students and above are permitted to purchase hot food from the onsite vendor)
  • Pencil case with pencil, pen, colours, eraser, sharpener and ruler. 
  • A water bottle

Please label all items clearly.


Madrasah Books

All students receive the required books that they will need for their year at Madrasah.  This includes an Islamic Students manual, a homework diary and various Qur'an supplement books (workbooks, reading books etc).  

Replacement charges are as follows: 
Islamic Studies Handbook (Dinyat/HEM Manual) £10
Student Planner (homework diary) £3.50
Qur'an Workbooks £3.50
Qur'an Reading Workbook £3
Qur'an Syllabus (Primary & GLC) £4


What to wear?

Muhammadi Madrasah operates a uniform policy for it's students.  We feel it is important to encourage an emphasis on equality and modest clothing.  Students are all representatives of their faith first and then the Madrasah and so we have a uniform policy that encourages the concept of modest Hijab for both it's male and female students.

Female students should wear a plain, full-length, black abaya.  A plain (not printed) hijab – this can be black, white, grey or navy.  We advise younger students not to wear shellas as they can become difficult to manage during the day.

Male students should wear a white, collared shirt (this includes polo shirts) and as optional a Madrasah jumper.  Trousers should be formal (no rips/tears, no prints/large logos), jeans are permitted.

If parents/guardians feel that their child may need a spare set of clothes in case of accidents, they should send this in every week, clearly labelled.

During break time students in P4 upwards will be allowed to play outside and therefore sensible clothing and a suitable outdoor jacket should be provided.





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General Feedback

The EC would like to encourage all members to give feedback on various aspects of the Jamaat.

Please email us with any ideas / suggestions / feedback you may have regarding programmes, future direction etc of the Jamaat.

Any comments are welcome.