17 Clifton Road, Birmingham, B12 8SX
Tel: +44(0)121 446 6437
Ansaphone: 0121 440 0643
Saturday, 26 September 2020  
8. Safar 1442


·        To increase facilities in order to empower ladies of our Jamaat to have easier access to sports activities and encourage their participation and promote social interaction.
.        To arrange sporting activities for all members of KSIMC Birmingham
.        To represent KSIMC Birmingham in any local, regional and world tournaments
·        To start new sport initiatives for the children of the community to develop their physical, social and emotional skills and increase their sense of belonging to Birmingham Jamaat
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.         Membership shall be open to all Muslims belonging to KSIMC Birmingham
.        Membership is exclusive and members of the club cannot be affiliated with any other Jamaat sports clubs.
.        Any persons who becomes a member of the club shall have to pay an annual membership fee and or such other dues as may be prescribed from time to time and undertake to observe the rules and regulations of the sports club prevailing at the time.
.        All members shall observe good behaviour on and off the court in any dealings with regards to the club and request all members to show respect to all players, officials and spectators
.       Members are to abide by any rules and regulations of individual sports that have been set up by the relevant committee
.       The club is responsible for arranging various sporting activities for its members and the chairman and the committee may appoint suitable members for organising and facilitating such activities
.       Any person admitted to be a member shall pay the subscription for the current year. Subscription is non-refundable
.      Every member is required to pay the annual subscription from March of every year. The amount of subscription shall be fixed by the committee.
.       All members shall be required to pay the subscription amount due. A member who fails to pay the subscription annually by 1st April, shall automatically cause to be a member
.       Any persons wishing to represent KSIMC Birmingham in a tournament shall need to be a member.
.       Any member who has been disqualified from membership and wishes to join again shall pay a penalty set by the committee.
The committee shall consist of the following:-
1 The Head
2. The Secretary
3. Co ordinators for each sport. Netball, football, badminton and swimming