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Monday, 13 July 2020  
21. Dhul Qadah 1441

Salamun Alaykum

The KSIMC of Birmingham and the Economic Upliftment Sub Committee (EUC) are excited to launch their joint initiative ‘The Community Membership Loyalty Card Program”. This initiative aims to equip every member and associate member with a ‘card’, designed initially to perform the following dual functions:

  1. Identification – The card will display the name of the member/associate member, their membership number as per Jamaat records and a validity from January 2016 – March 2017.
  2. Business offering – The second and more important role of the card is its ability to provide the cardholder a discount from the various businesses within our community. This would act as an added value for existing members and an incentive for prospective members in applying for membership. Community businesses will benefit from the influx of new customers through the attractive discounts offered. The level and type of discount offered by each business would be dependent on what the business owner can afford, however we are ideally looking for a 10% minimum discount.

The objective of this initiative is to encourage and stem inter community trade within our Jamaat and setting this as an example for other Jamaats to follow. The prosperity and economic well-being of a community flourishes when the wealth of the community circulates within the community.

To rollout the cards, we are looking for a prospective sponsor to cover the costs of printing and producing the first-batch. In return, the sponsor’s name and business logo will be printed on the rear of the card.

The Economic Upliftment Sub Committee also invites the community businesses to come on board this exciting initiative by enrolling to offer a discount on their products and services when the card is presented at their establishments. Please contact either Sadiq Muraj (07709376946) or myself (07505565593) for further information. Remember, your business will get FREE OF CHARGE exposure and advertisement. Your business plus your products and services will appear on our website throughout the validity of the card.

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the EUC.


With duas,

Shoaib Ladak
Economic Upliftment Sub-Committee.

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