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Our overall approach to children’s learning and development is the children learn through a high quality of play. We understand that every child is a unique individual with their own language and learning styles and needs. We plan activities which are based on the child’s individual needs and build it on their interests, which are both child-initiated and adult led.


The children are offered resources with a mix of active times where they can take part in energetic play and quiet times (when they can rest and relax in a quiet area as and when needed. We encourage the children to play and learn independently, initiating their own activities and exploring freely. They express their imagination and creativity through activities such as: listening to and making music/ rhythm with simple instruments, acting out stories and role play, dancing and moving to music, responding through their senses, painting drawing and modelling with a variety of media and materials.


Children learn best through active learning so we create opportunities for active learning such as exploring, investigating and solving problems


At our Nursery we have built a good relationship with the parents and work in strong partnership with them and value their opinions and viewpoint.


We see the parents as the first educators of their child and to enhance this fact we encourage them to contributing to story-time, attending parent’s meetings, go on trips, questionnaires, attending various workshops and assemblies. “I came to the sports day and the nursery organised the day for all parents to come and take role in their normal day to play with them. I enjoyed making cards with him for Eid that day It was really good experience for me”. (Parent’s comments)


The setting has formulated home- link activity booklet encouraging the parents to share their children’s learning at home. The children also bring in items of interest from home to share with the group, in order for them to develop self-confidence and communication skills. Parents are encouraged to share children’s ‘wow moments’ observations at home to help with the next steps in their child’s learning and interests.


At the end of the year all the pre-school children leaving for reception class the setting hold a graduation day ceremony inviting all parents, where the children are presented with certificates and their profile. All the children give a special performance to the parents, grandparents and carers. The parents highly appreciate this special occasion.


We have an elected parent Governor in our management body who brings in any views and concern from other parents.


Our open door policy and the key person system has allowed parents to have good relationship with the staff and confidence to discuss concern and views about their children. We have an early years consultant’s support who provides help and support with current EYFS curriculum, children’s tracking progress and networking with the local settings. The area SENCO has been of tremendous help with settling in children with communication difficulties and behaviour problem through well planned IEP and reviewing it regularly.


The setting was awarded the Quality Assurance Certificate in completing The Early Effective Learning Programme.  The main aim of the programme is to improve the quality and effectiveness of learning in young children.  This was achieved through a collaborative, efficient and thorough process of self-evaluation involving staff, children and parents.





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