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Khums is one of the pillars of Islam which has been ordained by Allah (swt) and practised during the life of the Prophet (saw). It is an important pillar, which is compulsory (wajib) upon us, and is the right of Imam (as) and Sadat that it is due for, thus must be given in full, accurately and on time. The blessing for us is in the purification of our wealth.
We have a collective duty to ensure the community we serve are provided with the facilities to make their khums payments and are given access to the right education and information they need to help them determine and fulfil their obligations.
The World Federation is an authorised collector of khums, having been given permission (ijaza) from His Eminence al-Sayyid Ali al-Sistani to collect khums payments on his behalf and also to disperse the Sehme Imam portion on religious related projects and activities for and on behalf of our community.
Our Islamic Education and Marketing & Communications departments have come together to develop and enhance our resources on khums. As a result, we are happy to launch this first stage of a dedicated section on our website, providing a basic guide to khums, a breakdown of the Islamic Laws pertaining to surplus profits and links to Ask An Alim to be able to answer any khums queries through our scholars.
This is supported by the work our finance team conducted to have a dedicated Khums Calculator App which instantaneously helps you calculate your khums liabilities, set reminders for the future and take payments to fulfil in such a simple way.
You can find out more information about our Khums materials by visiting our website.


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