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Wednesday, 17 July 2019  
13. Dhul Qadah 1440

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Date 17/07 18/07
Imssak: 2:42 2:44
Fajr: 2:52 2:54
Sunrise: 5.06 5.07
Zohr: 1.18 1.18
Maghrib: 9.31 9.3

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There will be a partial lunar eclipse on Tuesday 16 July 2019.

The partial eclipse on London will begin at 9.06pm and end at 11.59pm. The maximum eclipse will be at 10.30pm

Salaat al-Ayat is wajib to be prayed be between these times although it is better to be prayed before the eclipse starts to reverse.

Eclipse times in your area can be found in timeanddate.com

Secretariat (14/07/2019)

All info at www.sjladies.org/marhaba-rackets-championships
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We live in an age of paradox. There is no shortage of information and misinformation available on the Internet. Sometimes, even within the “safe spaces” which we go to for enlightenment, we become confused with “new” religious theories. 

Today more than ever, we see the actualisation of the hadith: 

عن أنس عن النبي (ص) أنه قال: «يأتي على الناس زمان الصابر منهم على دينه كالقابض على الجمرة 

It has been narrated from Anas from the Holy Prophet (s), that he said, “A time will come upon humanity that remaining on their religion will be like holding hot coals in their hands.” (Mustadrak al-Wasaail, vol. 12, pg. 33, tradition 1.)

Introducing  STEPS – Shi‘i Theology, Ethics and Practice Series. The Islamic Education department of The World Federation aims to intellectually empower the community by providing easy-to-understand and comprehensive answers to pertinent issues.  Watch the trailer video about this new initiative.  

We aim to do this through a steady stream of videos, articles, and podcasts which will, Insha’Allah, help us to become better servants of Allah (swt) as we work towards the advent of Imam al-Mahdi (aj).

Every Friday we will be releasing videos and Podcasts and each series will have its own eBook for you to download and print for further reading. Click on the series below to start watching! (and reading!).

Sign up to get the latest releases on STEPS.

‘Seeking knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim. Indeed how Allah loves those who strive in their quest for knowledge’
The Prophet (SAWA) [Al- Kafi]

The World Federation and Hiridjee Foundation are eager to empower Khoja girls by offering 2 female students the chance to study further within their chosen field. The aim is to provide female students from our community, who cannot afford the cost of education, an opportunity to pursue their higher education goals.

We understand to improve our quality of life we must focus ourselves on Higher Education. By focusing on female growth and progress through education and by creating a generation of skilled female individuals who will work together to improve and strengthen their communities.

We are excited to announce The Hiridjee Foundation Student Loan will be available for two female students in our Khoja community who are wishing to pursue higher education (undergraduate, Masters or Ph.D.).

The loan is available for a maximum of £10,000 per student per academic year, for up to three consecutive years.

For more information click here

Islamic Laws right at your fingertips, guiding you through everyday Islamic life

The World Federation is pleased to announce the launch of its updated and improved iSistani app, which is available immediately to download from the iTunes Store or through Google Play now.

This revolutionary and unique mobile app, which works on tablets too, offers guidance on spiritual and practical aspects of day-to-day Muslim life through the rulings of His Eminence al-Sayyid Ali al-Sistani (may God protect him).

The app gives an individual experience that’s as user-friendly as it is resourceful. Once installed, you will be able to search multiple law manuals in one go, add your own notes to each law and bookmark any rulings you want to refer back to – giving you access to rightful practicesright at your fingertips.

In order make sure the iSistani app remains a valuable and accurate source of information for the community, the latest version has been updated with the very latest rulings from His Eminence al-Sayyid Ali al-Sistani (may God protect him) as well as the addition of new and amended rulings from the third edition of Islamic Laws.

 This gives an easy and user-friendly approach to understanding the rulings that guide us on how we should live our lives.

 Members of the community who have downloaded older versions of iSistani are encouraged to download the latest version, as previous versions may contain outdated rulings.


The brutal fighting in Syria is in its eighth year and has had a devastating effect on the health of the Syrian people yet less than half of Syria’s health facilities are fully operational, so people have nowhere to go and many can’t afford the essential treatment they need.

WF-AID have their own Coordination Unit in the Sayeda Zaynab (sa) region of Syria, where they provide ongoing support to many orphans and widows in need. They have been providing emergency medical treatment, including medication, physiotherapy and surgery and need your help to continue providing this life changing treatment.

You can contribute towards medical support, minor and major surgeries including open heart surgery, joint replacement and artificial limbs. You can donate today at the treasurer’s desk or on www.wfaid.org, where you can read more about the appeal.

Khums is one of the pillars of Islam which has been ordained by Allah (swt) and practised during the life of the Prophet (saw). It is an important pillar, which is compulsory (wajib) upon us, and is the right of Imam (as) and Sadat that it is due for, thus must be given in full, accurately and on time. The blessing for us is in the purification of our wealth.
We have a collective duty to ensure the community we serve are provided with the facilities to make their khums payments and are given access to the right education and information they need to help them determine and fulfil their obligations.
The World Federation is an authorised collector of khums, having been given permission (ijaza) from His Eminence al-Sayyid Ali al-Sistani to collect khums payments on his behalf and also to disperse the Sehme Imam portion on religious related projects and activities for and on behalf of our community.
Our Islamic Education and Marketing & Communications departments have come together to develop and enhance our resources on khums. As a result, we are happy to launch this first stage of a dedicated section on our website, providing a basic guide to khums, a breakdown of the Islamic Laws pertaining to surplus profits and links to Ask An Alim to be able to answer any khums queries through our scholars.
This is supported by the work our finance team conducted to have a dedicated Khums Calculator App which instantaneously helps you calculate your khums liabilities, set reminders for the future and take payments to fulfil in such a simple way.
You can find out more information about our Khums materials by visiting our website.


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