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Friday, 18 January 2019  
11. Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1440

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The Council of European Jamaats is proud to launch Camp CoEJ 2019.

Open to boys and girls (separately) aged 11-14
When: Sunday 28th July to Tuesday 6th August 2019
Where: Lea Green Development Centre

The campers will take part in various exciting indoor and outdoor activities, with the aim to build communication and teamwork, which will encourage the campers to think creatively. Activities include Zip Wire, High Ropes, Abseiling, and many other activities.

The camp is built on virtues that encourage participants to show appreciation to one another so that they feel valued and confident, committing to being friends in times of need, understanding feeling and doing good for someone else, and being truthful and honest as we would want others to be with us.

The first step to joining the fun and creating a brighter future is to register your interest by clicking here

Wellbeing starts from within you.

 The Council of European Jamaats CoEJ is pleased to launch the first Wellbeing Training one day course.

 This training course teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a First Aid basis.

When: Sunday 27th January 2019
Time: 9:30AM - 6:30 PM
Venue: Al Zahra Centre | 81 Fearnley Street | Watford | WD18 0RB | United Kingdom
Cost: £30 (The cost will include Mental Health First Aid Course Manual, Workbook and Certificate by MHFA)

This session will be delivered by Maria Pattinson, a quality assured instructor, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health.

Open to community members who are 18 + years.

The deadline for applying is 20th January 2019

Please apply through this link: https://www.coej.org/coej-wellbeing-training-course/

Salamun Alaykum,
We are pleased to announce the return of Couples Retreat 2019 which will take place in Iran. This will be our fourth year running the retreat and due to the positive feedback, we are now excited to relaunch this retreat for 2019 - it was deemed a must for married couples! 

The couples retreat is an ideal way to supercharge marriages with a deeper understanding of Islam and is aimed for anyone who is married, so long as they are below the maximum age of 55 years. 

During the course, couples will get to take part in interactive thought-provoking workshops, tour famous cities, get an in-depth understanding of the holy personalities, have the opportunity to meet with learned scholars, make lifetime friends with other married couples, and so much more!

We are hoping to make the 2019 course even more successful than last year and we hope to have the support of our regional federations in sharing this message to the community. 

Quick Facts

Date: All couples must be ready to start the course on Thursday 18th April 2019 at 9am until Saturday 27th April 2019 evening. Couples must check out by the morning of Sunday 28th April 2019.

Locations: Tehran, Mashhad, Qum 

Ground Package cost per couple: GBP 650 / EUR 750 / USD 850

Apply: In order to apply all applicants must read the terms and conditions, pay the deposit amount and then complete the online form. You can find details of this process here

The application deadline is Monday 4th February 2019

Khums is one of the pillars of Islam which has been ordained by Allah (swt) and practised during the life of the Prophet (saw). It is an important pillar, which is compulsory (wajib) upon us, and is the right of Imam (as) and Sadat that it is due for, thus must be given in full, accurately and on time. The blessing for us is in the purification of our wealth.
We have a collective duty to ensure the community we serve are provided with the facilities to make their khums payments and are given access to the right education and information they need to help them determine and fulfil their obligations.
The World Federation is an authorised collector of khums, having been given permission (ijaza) from His Eminence al-Sayyid Ali al-Sistani to collect khums payments on his behalf and also to disperse the Sehme Imam portion on religious related projects and activities for and on behalf of our community.
Our Islamic Education and Marketing & Communications departments have come together to develop and enhance our resources on khums. As a result, we are happy to launch this first stage of a dedicated section on our website, providing a basic guide to khums, a breakdown of the Islamic Laws pertaining to surplus profits and links to Ask An Alim to be able to answer any khums queries through our scholars.
This is supported by the work our finance team conducted to have a dedicated Khums Calculator App which instantaneously helps you calculate your khums liabilities, set reminders for the future and take payments to fulfil in such a simple way.
You can find out more information about our Khums materials by visiting our website.

The brutal fighting in Syria is in its eighth year and has had a devastating effect on the health of the Syrian people yet less than half of Syria’s health facilities are fully operational, so people have nowhere to go and many can’t afford the essential treatment they need.

WF-AID have their own Coordination Unit in the Sayeda Zaynab (sa) region of Syria, where they provide ongoing support to many orphans and widows in need. They have been providing emergency medical treatment, including medication, physiotherapy and surgery and need your help to continue providing this life changing treatment.

You can contribute towards medical support, minor and major surgeries including open heart surgery, joint replacement and artificial limbs. You can donate today at the treasurer’s desk or on www.wfaid.org, where you can read more about the appeal.

The Clifton Road Food Bank has made available to the public a wheelie bin in which you can deposit donations into for the food bank. This is located in the Syeda Zaynab ('as) Building Foyer.

  •    *Please note: required minimum 6 months date on all food items

Salamun alaykum,

WF-AID has launched a Lady Zaynab Helping Hands Syria Appeal together with a new co-ordination office in Sayeda Zainab (as), Syria.

There are over 6 million people in Syria who are internally displaced, meaning they have no home, school or access to medical facilities.

WF-AID is supporting the Lady Zaynab Helping Hands Syria Appeal to raise funds for deserving Syrian widows and orphans who are now living in the Sayeda Zainab (as) area.

Donations from £100 can help us deliver life-changing medical assessments and treatments, along with emergency aid in the form of food baskets, financial gifts, education supplies and home supplies.

Please show your support by making a donation to the Jamaat today or go online by visiting www.wfaid.org.


You can set up your own fundraising page on JustGiving to support the appeal, use social mediaWhatsApp to get the message out about the cause you are fundraising for and organise your own fundraising activities within your community, workplace, school or madrassah.



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