17 Clifton Road, Birmingham, B12 8SX
Ansaphone: 0121 440 0643
Monday, 22 January 2018  
4. Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1439

Welcome To Muhammadi Madrasah

Madrasah will be opening Insha'Allah tomorrow on January 14th 2018.

Please take note of where your child needs to start their day:

Please drop your child to the following areas, we ask that parents do not stay with their children:

P2 & P3 - Lower Hall Syeda Zainab (as) Building

P4 - P7 & GLC - Gents Hall

S1 - S4 - Ladies Hall

New P1 students will have their induction session at 11am in the Upper Hall.

New P4-S4 students who have received an invitation for assessment should come to the Ladies Extension at 1030am.

Home-time will be the same as always where students are dismissed as follows:

P1 (except tomorrow) from classroom

P2 classroom

P3 classroom

P4-P7 Girls: Ladies Imambarghah & Extension (some students have 1-to-1 sessions in the Lower Hall in Syeda Zainab (as) Building)

P4 - P7 Boys: Gents Imambarghah

S1 - S4 Girls: Upper Hall Syeda Zainab Building

S1 - S4 Boys: Masjid (Gents)


Online payments for fees

New Uniform policy for P1 - P3 girls

Parent Handbook (available online)

For more information on the above - please see your emails or visit this link.



Madrasah has vacancies currently available, please see the updated vacancies page to see where YOU can help today.






If you are not receiving emails, please see the Madrasah Office on Sundays.


Parents/guardians should not instruct children to leave the compound alone at home-time, even if it is to cross over to the CAVE carpark.


Late Collections At Home-time

Students who have not been collected by a parent/guardian should return to the Madrasah Office.  There will only be supervision for students until 1:45pm.

Parents/guardians collecting students after 1:30pm will have to sign the Late Collections Book and collect their children from the Small Sports Hall opposite the Madrasah Office.


Please see the 2017 Year Planner here

Muhammadi Madrasah is a faith-based community school that operates on Saturdays and Sundays.  The Madrasah offers students structured teaching from the ages of 4 years* to 16 years*, in the following subjects; Islamic Studies, Qur'an, Salah, Ethics & Law and Islamic History.  We have dedicated departments providing support to both teachers and students to ensure fair and equal opportunities to learn and progress.  With a student population of over 300, Muhammadi Madrasah is a vibrant, spiritual and exciting institution that aims to equip these students with skills that will benefit them beyond the Madrasah walls into society as confident and well-versed Shia Muslim Youths.

Muhammadi Madrasah operates on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm, and on a Sunday from 10am to 130pm.

Important Dates