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Friday, 22 September 2017  
1. Muharram ul Haram 1439

Welcome To Muhammadi Madrasah


Term 3 is now underway, and students are settling well into class after the summer break.

Applications for 2018 admissions will be opening on Sunday 17th September 2017.  
We ask all parents/guardians to take note of the following important information regarding the application process.

  • Applications will only be accepted if they are complete with all sections filled in and all supporting documents included.
  • Applications can only be made in person to the Madrasah Information Desk in the foyer of the Syeda Zainab (as) Building on Sundays between 10am and 1pm, until 29th October 2017 at 1pm.
  • Applications will not be accepted from any MM Staff unless they are the parent of the applicant
  • To apply for a place in P1, applicants must be aged 4 years 4 months on January 1st 2018 (ie. the youngest birth date accepted for application will be 31st August 2013).
  • No fees are due to submit an application.
  • The final closing date for receipt of applications will be 29th October 2017 at 1pm.
  • Incomplete forms will not longer be held in a queue as may have been done previously.
  • Please be mindful that Madrasah will be closed on 1st October 2017.


If you are not receiving emails, please see the Madrasah Office on Sundays.


Parents/guardians should not instruct children to leave the compound alone at home-time, even if it is to cross over to the CAVE carpark.


Late Collections At Home-time

Students who have not been collected by a parent/guardian should return to the Madrasah Office.  There will only be supervision for students until 1:45pm.

Parents/guardians collecting students after 1:30pm will have to sign the Late Collections Book and collect their children from the Small Sports Hall opposite the Madrasah Office.


Please see the 2017 Year Planner here

Muhammadi Madrasah is a faith-based community school that operates on Saturdays and Sundays.  The Madrasah offers students structured teaching from the ages of 4 years* to 16 years*, in the following subjects; Islamic Studies, Qur'an, Salah, Ethics & Law and Islamic History.  We have dedicated departments providing support to both teachers and students to ensure fair and equal opportunities to learn and progress.  With a student population of over 300, Muhammadi Madrasah is a vibrant, spiritual and exciting institution that aims to equip these students with skills that will benefit them beyond the Madrasah walls into society as confident and well-versed Shia Muslim Youths.

Muhammadi Madrasah operates on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm, and on a Sunday from 10am to 130pm.

Important Dates