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Tuesday, 23 January 2018  
5. Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1439


On Sunday 6th December 2015, BAYN hosted their 1st event for professionals. The aim of the event was to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to network and those looking to join and progress within the industry to develop their knowledge of the processes within the sector.

The event began with an address by the MC, Sadiq Mawji who is also a well-established healthcare professional, welcoming all the attendees and explaining the aims for the evening. He introduced the first speaker, Muslim Khoja who explained how he had developed a career in Dentistry and established his own Dental Academy to train dentistry students and nurses.

The following speaker, Dr Rizwan Alidina described his journey through the medical profession and how he went from studying medicine to becoming an anaesthetist, before becoming an independent GP after 8 years.

The third speaker, Tahera Elwell clarified how to establish a career in Radiography and the different elements within the field. She further shed light on how she developed her career to become a Senior Radiographer and the effects of working with cancer patients.

Birmingham Abbasi Youth Network presents it's first event for Professionals on Sunday 6th December 2015 at 7pm, focusing on the healthcare industry.

This is a fantastic opportunity to understand how to maximise your potential, start, progress or define your career by building network links with successful healthcare professionals.

For more information, please contact a member of the BAYN team.


The Birmingham Abbasi Youth Network (BAYN) initiated their Donate Your Day campaign in response to the European Refugee Crisis. One thousand envelopes were labelled and distributed over to the first ten nights of Muharram. The campaign encouraged all members of the community; young and old, to donate their day’s wage, expenses or any amount they could. Allhamdullilah over the ten nights approximately one hundred envelopes were returned and a total of £7,159.12 plus one gold ring was collected by dedicated volunteers and the treasury teams in the ladies and gents. In addition to this figure a further £585.00 has been collected online. This gives us a grand total of £7,744.12 plus the gold ring.

Collected money will be donated to the European Refugee Crisis Appeal organised by the World Federation and Council of European Jamaats.

Whilst the weather at home is taking a turn for the worst, spare a moment to remember those in need in your prayers.

Members are encouraged to continue to donate via https://www.justgiving.com/coejrefugeecrisis/


On Sunday 15th November 2015, BAYN hosted their 3rd event at Mehfil-e-Abbas from 7-9pm. The evening began with a short video emphasising how short life is, the importance of remembering Allah (swt) and how to be mindful of the choices we are making.

The 1st speaker, Shaykh Muhammad Murtadha Naqvi who has lectured in various places around the world and in the UK, was introduced and spoke about changing our perceptions and utilising our time in order to gain proxomity to Allah (swt) in order to trangress through this Dunya successfully. He stressed that the Dunya and our Deen are not seperate entities, but in fact attached and we must work on not allowing the Dunya to control us.

The audience were given the opportunity to ask questions and the points raised were how to utilise our time by reflecting and ways of changing perceptions by researching our beliefs.

Following a short break, Dr Nawshad Suleman led an interactive workshop revolving around how success is defined and barriers to success. He took the audience on a journey of how success is measured according to experts and how our definitions are often similar. He touched on ways of working towards being successful and how Imam Ali (as) has given us guidance by teaching us that "The value of a man is measured by what he does well."

The event concluded with a final video about saying sorry to those we wrong and repentance to Allah (swt) not being something we should be scared of, for He is the most forgivingand merciful.

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