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Tuesday, 23 January 2018  
5. Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1439

This Muharram, the Birmingham Abbasi Youth Network (BAYN) in conjunction with the KSIMC of Birmingham are launching their 'Donate your Day' campaign. The initiative is based on the concept of donating a day's wage or expenses for the day of 'Ashura', which will go towards building a well.

The funds will be donated to the Ali Asghar water appeal.

We would also encourage children to take part in this initiative, donating any amount they can. Please collect an envelope from a BAYN volunteer, fill it with the amount desired, seal and hand back to a volunteer. You can also donate by the treasurers' desk. For more information visit : https://www.world-federation.org/news/ali-asghar-water-appeal

The Jamaat has organised a Youth Residential for the BAYN committee members and interested youth taking place in Staffordshire. This will take place from Friday 30th September (starting at 8pm) to Sunday 2nd October, with the weekend consisting of team building activities, personal development skills, leadership skills and other practical ways to create an impact within the community.

There are only 14 spaces available. The cost per person is £50, which has been subsidised by the Jamaat and includes all meals, activities and transport from mosque.

The deadline for registering is Sunday 18th September. For more information please get in touch with Kazim or Sajeda Sajan.

To register please complete the registration form by clicking here


Salaam Alaikum, my dear community

Inshallah this correspondence reaches you in good health. Over the last eight months I have been honoured with the responsibility of co-ordinating the youth initiative called BAYN (Birmingham Abbasi Youth Network).

In April my six month commitment as Youth Liaison came to an end. A great deal has been accomplished in the time we have had, all of which has been published on the Jamaat website for your perusal.

As with any project there is always room for improvement. I alone take responsibility for any flaws, misgivings, failures and mistakes of my own or that of the taskforce. I would like to recognise their hard work and that of the selfless volunteers who have given us their time and effort. I congratulate those who showed their support with action and not just words. The executive committee and office staff have worked in good faith and I thank them for their contribution.

I pass over the mantle of responsibility to Minhaal Abdulhussein whose trajectory of development has truly excited me. As with any leader he will need the support of the community and I hope you offer him the luxuries I have been afforded. Promising times lie ahead for this community but only with your help and duas. May god bless you all. Kind regards Adam Khimji

May god bless you all.

Kind regards

Adam Khimji

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