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Tuesday, 23 January 2018  
5. Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1439

Useful Information For All Students

The first day of Madrasah is a big day for all our students.  Many will have moved classes so are meeting some new or old friends, getting to know new teachers, finding their new classroom and getting to grips with being a year older.  Our teachers spend most of the first day introducing themselves and getting the students to be comfortable and ready for the year ahead.

The students can also do their bit to helping their new year get off to a good start.  Being prepared is always going to make them feel at ease.  Here is some useful information for students beginning the new year.


What to bring?

We provide all students with their textbooks, Qur'an and other printed resources including a Student Planner.  Students should take good care of these resources by putting their name and class name clearly on all their items.  There will be a replacement charge for any books that are misplaced.

Students should bring with them:

  • A bag big enough for the books, lunch and pencil case.
  • The Madrasah books
  • Lunch from home in a labelled lunch bag/box - (P4 students and above are permitted to purchase hot food from the onsite vendor)
  • Pencil case with pencil, pen, colours, eraser, sharpener and ruler. 
  • A water bottle

Please label all items clearly.


Madrasah Books

All students receive the required books that they will need for their year at Madrasah.  This includes an Islamic Students manual, a homework diary and various Qur'an supplement books (workbooks, reading books etc).  

Replacement charges are as follows: 
Islamic Studies Handbook (Dinyat/HEM Manual) £10
Student Planner (homework diary) £3.50
Qur'an Workbooks £3.50
Qur'an Reading Workbook £3
Qur'an Syllabus (Primary & GLC) £4


What to wear?

Muhammadi Madrasah operates a uniform policy for it's students.  We feel it is important to encourage an emphasis on equality and modest clothing.  Students are all representatives of their faith first and then the Madrasah and so we have a uniform policy that encourages the concept of modest Hijab for both it's male and female students.

Female students should wear a plain, full-length, black abaya.  A plain (not printed) hijab – this can be black, white, grey or navy.  We advise younger students not to wear shellas as they can become difficult to manage during the day.

Male students should wear a white, collared shirt (this includes polo shirts) and as optional a Madrasah jumper.  Trousers should be formal (no rips/tears, no prints/large logos), jeans are permitted.

If parents/guardians feel that their child may need a spare set of clothes in case of accidents, they should send this in every week, clearly labelled.

During break time students in P4 upwards will be allowed to play outside and therefore sensible clothing and a suitable outdoor jacket should be provided.