17 Clifton Road, Birmingham, B12 8SX
Ansaphone: 0121 440 0643
Monday, 21 May 2018  
5. Ramadhan 1439


As we welcome this blessed month of Ramadhan the *Committee of Social Responsibility* (CSR) would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Ramzan Kareem.

We have two initiatives running this month and would like to encourage all (young & old, juniors & seniors) to participate (see poster alongside):

  • All mu'minin are encouraged to Bring YOUR Own Mug *BYOM*

  • For children we have a reward chart available at the treasures’ desk in which on EID DAY prizes will be given to those children who bring their own plates and mugs to the centre.

’Let us work together to bring about a greener change’


The Council of European Jamaats is proud to launch Camp CoEJ 2018.

Camp CoEJ is open to:

Boys and girls aged 11-14
From Sunday 29th July to Wednesday 8th August 2018.
Where: White Hall Development Centre.

The campers will take part in various exciting indoor and outdoor activities, with the aim to build communication and teamwork, which will encourage the campers to think creatively. Activities include Zip Wire, High Ropes, Abseiling, Canoeing, and many other activities. Instilled in the camp are values such as supporting each other’s growth, unlocking your own potential, treating each other as human beings, and not as objects, serving the community, and valuing differences.

Camp CoEJ is about creating a brighter future for our community, it’s about connecting the past and the present for a better future. The first steps of which can be achieved by attending the camp. And only you can make that happen.

Campers will be supported by mentors throughout the 10 days, who will encourage, support and nurture the campers in their growth and development.

Applications can be made on: https://www.coej.org/events/camp-coej-2018/

Promotional Video: https://youtu.be/ZExqaFAekyY

The following guidance has been received from Najaf.org:

"In the Name of the Most High Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds and peace and blessings be upon Mohammad and his pure household. 

According to the announcement from the office of H. E. Ayatullah Seestani (long may he live) in the holy city of Najaf, Thursday 17 May is the first day of the holy month of Ramadhan in the United Kingdom, European, Scandinavian countries, Middle East. We ask Allah Almighty to let this month be a blessing for all Muslims.

Allah is the All Compassionate All Merciful."

The President of KSIMC Birmingham and the Building Committee have been busy developing plans for your new Centre with their Project Team.

We are now inviting advance registration for the ‘pre-qualification’ process, which will lead to the selection of a main contractor to deliver this once-in-a-lifetime project.

The process will involve responding to a questionnaire about your organisation’s track record, expertise, capability, business structure and financial standing.

From a long list of respondents, the team will select a maximum of 4 parties to go forward and submit a tender and delivery proposals for the project. The procurement will be by means of a JCT Design Build Contract (DB 2016).

If you or your organisation would like to be considered for this prestigious commission, please register your interest now by emailing your contact details. No further details are required at this stage.

Please state the following project reference in the email header:

Re: AIC, Birmingham, pre-qualification registration

Please send to:
Gulam Nadat, Partner,
Burr and Neve LLP
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Closing date for registration: 17.00 hrs. on Friday 18th May 2018

On receipt, you will receive further instructions about the pre-qualification submission and timetable.

Updated - Learning from the Mimbar 1439AH


Shahr a-Ramadhan Programme 1439AH



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General Feedback

The EC would like to encourage all members to give feedback on various aspects of the Jamaat.

Please email us with any ideas / suggestions / feedback you may have regarding programmes, future direction etc of the Jamaat.

Any comments are welcome.